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Health Ranger launches SurvivalNutrition.com offering high-end storable superfood nutrition for emergency preparedness

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(NaturalNews) Are you as frustrated as I am with the GMO-laden, MSG-contaminated, soy-based storable foods industry? Over the past 18 months, I surveyed many of the big storable foods companies in the marketplace, hoping to find a company I could recommend as offering long-term storable foods that are certified organic, 100% non-GMO, 100% free of TVP and soy products, and 100% free of MSG, autolyzed yeast extract and other hidden forms of MSG.

To my great surprise, I discovered there is no such company, at least not to my knowledge. Sure, you can get storable food on the cheap from lots of companies, but if you actually read the ingredients, you’ll find they’re loaded with:

• Conventionally-produced corn and soy ingredients, which are almost always GMO.

• Autolyzed vegetable proteins, hydrolyzed ingredients, yeast extract and other hidden forms of MSG.

• Chemical preservatives and additives.

• Loads and loads of soy, often packaged as TVP (textured vegetable protein).

Personally, I won’t eat TVP, MSG, GMOs or chemical additives, and I don’t want these ingredients in my storable preparedness foods, either. I’m not going to name the companies that sell this stuff, because I’m not out to embarrass anyone. But I am out to educate you about the difference between processed “filler” storable foods versus high-quality, non-GMO, organic storable superfoods nutrition that can keep you alive during a crisis without poisoning you with chemicals and GMOs.

Bottom line? Read the ingredients of the stuff you’re considering buying. Watch out for TVP, hydrolyzed or autolyzed vegetable proteins. Watch out for conventional corn and soy products, which are almost always genetically modified. Know what you’re buying for emergency preparedness, or else you may end up putting away a bunch of food that you wouldn’t dare eat unless you were truly starving to death…

With the help of our e-commerce partners, we’ve put together three superfoods nutrition packs that provide high-density nutrition for 1, 2 or 4 people, covering 90 days, 180 days or a full year.

Check out the offerings at:

There, you’ll also see my explanation of the top 10 reasons why your good health is more valuable than gold.

I’ve also posted a 45-minutes audio program on the page, which you can listen to free of charge. It’s a program focused on preparedness strategies and long-term storable nutrition. It’s very valuable to listen to even if you’re not in the market for storable superfoods right now.

The catch in all this is that, as you might expect, high-end nutrition is inherently more expensive to produce than low-end TVP and processed, genetically modified foods. For these survival nutrition packs, we have priced them aggressively and factored in huge direct-to-consumer volume discounts in every pack, but even then this food is more expensive than low-end TVP foods made with taste-enhancing chemicals.

Go to www.SurvivalNutrition.com to see the low prices we’ve been able to achieve.

TIP: How to get a discount: If you subscribe to our email newsletter (it’s FREE), which you can do at the bottom of this article text, you’ll receive a 7% off discount code which you can use to save 7% off these prices. This makes these survival nutrition packs even more affordable and truly an unbeatable value.

But even then, it will still cost you more than soy-based storable foods. Storable foods made with TVP are simply cheaper, and that’s because TVP is the No. 1 ingredient in prison food (http://www.naturalnews.com/034139_s…). Non-organic foods grown with pesticides are super cheap to produce. GMO soy and corn is essentially animal feed that’s used to fatten cows for slaughter. They are not, by any stretch of the imagination, survival foods or sources of high-end nutrition.

In an interesting way, however, cheap processed foods may play a strategic role in your preparedness strategy. For example, you might want some cheap foods to hand out to your neighbors who forgot to prepare, so you buy the TVP foods to have extra calories on hand to help those who didn’t prepare, while you stock up on the high-end non-GMO superfoods for your own personal and family use. It’s a reasonable approach to stretch your food storage dollars. I just wouldn’t store away GMOs and TVP for my own personal use or family use.

As of this writing, our Survival Nutrition packs are in stock and ready to ship right now. They include:

• High-end superfood powders that can be mixed with water
• High-end nutritional supplements like astaxanthin and camu camu
• Superfood snacks like Boku Super Food Bars
• Sprouting seeds to grow your own living superfoods
• Superfood oils, sea kelp, Himalayan salt
• Superfood basics: Quinoa, brown rice, spelt, etc.
• Superfood sweeteners like palm sugar

See full details of what’s in our Survival Nutrition packs at:

Much of these foods are packed in long-term storable steel cans which are professionally sealed and protected with non-toxic moisture absorbers.

We don’t make much on these survival nutrition packs — especially if you use the 7% discount code — but the little we do make helps fund NaturalNews operations.

We are working diligently right now to:

• Expand our editorial staff and increase our ability to investigate important stories.

• Improve our video facilities and produce more video reports such as the ones we’ve posted at www.FoodInvestigations.com

• Run more lab tests on products made with dangerous ingredients like GMOs or toxic chemicals (in perfumes, for example).

Your support is deeply appreciated, and at the same time you help support NaturalNews, you’ll be saving money on the best high-end, long-term storable superfoods you’ll find anywhere in the world!

Subscribe to our email newsletter using the form below, and you’ll receive our 7% off discount code in tonight’s email. You can use it to place your order tomorrow morning and receive these survival nutrition packs in just a matter of days.

Stay healthy! And stay prepared for what’s coming…

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